Uljad Berdica

“I am an electrical engineering and mathematics student with a strong interest in standup comedy.”

“I am returning from a study away semester in Shanghai where I took and enjoyed a lot of challenging math classes and performed standup comedy on an international stage. Being a moderately experiences undergrad researcher and a seasoned performer, I feel I have some interesting observations regarding humor in everyday life and academia. In a reality where everything is scanned for political correctness and everyone is forced to take ideological side, humor has always been the best medium to navigate a sensitive world and a very ambitiously competitive academic life in the research University of NYUAD where I study.”

“I come Albania, one of the poorest countries in Europe with a strange dependence on laughter. Humor has both enhanced and hindered my performance in interesting ways through which I have derived useful lessons. Being funny is almost like being an athlete, you need to know how to run before you become great at it and yet, not everyone thinks they can be an athlete but everyone thinks they can be funny. Can or can they not?”

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