Saad Suhail

“College wasn't over when I entered a team of fine individuals for promoting a company. That company turned out to be 'Borrowblob'. I landed a sales executive job for this company and I had to get a number of people to sign up by the end of the week. This event was the 'Gitex Future stars'. I told the CEO who was working in close proximity to me, that I'd get 100 Sign ups by the end of the week.

I worked with a fixed mindset and a goal in mind and focused my effort and energy in the right task. This resulted in me crossing the quota way beforehand showcasing my skills.

There I was mingling and working with the team. Learning everything that came my way trying to adapt quickly to any situation and getting along with the team on a very personal level. Little did I know that the Founder and Co-Founder were trying to recruit me for the company as a potential member of a start-up. With their help I understood I took the right step and entered the world of Adulthood. I understood where my skills lie. Where I wanted to learn and grow. The field of Business development”

“All my life I have been adding bricks onto a foundation that will one day create a monument that stands strong and tall. A problem may arise but it doesn't mean that I would stop. I just figure out a new way to befriend the issue and work with it rather than work against it. All in all, life is a learning curve where you can never stop learning and growing.”

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