Eisa Al Habib

Born in the UAE, Eisa was a super hyper kid during his schooling years. After deciding to focus on his studies, Eisa achieved good results in his classes and later went on to become the head boy of the school. After struggling to choose between his passion i.e. filmmaking and focusing on school, Eisa chose the latter and decided to fly abroad to pursue a degree in medicine.

He was having a hard time performing well on his subjects and struggled to keep up a good GPA rating. He often volunteered to travel across the globe and engaged in various charity activity. This became a turning point in his life. He often used these volunteering activities as an escape from university pressure and looked forward to volunteering during his break periods between semesters.

During his volunteering activities Eisa’s perspective about various aspects in his life broadened. He started filming his trips to different countries. This is when he brought back his passion in to his life. Filmmaking has been a huge part of his life since his childhood. He realized on how much he has missed filmmaking and wanted to experience it again.

He participated in an International Emmy Award competition and submitted an original short film which he directed. He ended up winning the competition and was granted the Young Creatives Award. He is currently continuing his higher studies in Dalhousie University in Canada.

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