Beniamin Strzelecki

Beniamin Strzelecki is from Poland. During his high school year, Beniamin applied and got admission in New York University Abu Dhabi. Having a vision for promoting the idea of gap years in Poland, Beniamin decided to defer his admission to university and enrolled in Watson Institute, pursuing a semester-long social entrepreneurship program based in Boulder, CO. During his stay in boulder, he focused on developing the first gap year program for high school graduates in Poland and developing the first website about gap years in polish. Upon his arrival back to Poland, he spent the following four months on promoting the value of non-formal education. Volunteering and travelling among the polish youth.

He delivered dozens on presentations in tens of schools to more than a thousand young people. In recognition of his efforts, He was named a Finalist of the European Youth Award 2019 in category Managing Life. Recently. He decided to expand his reach to international audience and thus started a website in English to help youths plan their gap years.

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